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Lufricating Film with Antifriction


Lubricant for all types of mechanisms

Pelicula Lubrificante.png

Packaging - 400 ml

Reference - OPLAF

It is a product with state-of-the-art components designed to lubricate all types of mechanisms that can be accessed from the outside using a spray (cables, chains, bearings, hinges, etc.). It does not contain adhesives to ensure that the area of application remains clean and well-lubricated. The composition of the anti-friction agent drastically reduces the friction between the contacting parts.


It is very useful for threading work as a cutting oil.

1 - Shake the product well;

2 - Apply as close as possible to the area of action for maximum effectiveness.

(In specific cases, it is recommended to contact an OXYCEDET® technician)

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Always shake well before using the product.

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