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Radiator Stop Leak

Sealant for refrigeration circuits

Tapa Fugas de Radiador.png

Packaging - 250 ml

Reference - OTFR

Fast and effective sealant for cooling systems. It is compatible with all types of water-based antifreeze as well as with all cooling systems, including those with radiators and other aluminum components.


- Apply one complete package in 5 to 7 liters.

1 - Shake the package well before applying;

2 - After application, start the engine and set the temperature control to the hot setting;

3 - Once the engine reaches its normal operating temperature, let it run for approximately 10 minutes to allow the product to act throughout the entire circuit;

(In specific cases, it is recommended to increase the percentage of friction treatment after consulting an OXYCEDET® technician.)

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Apply the product with the engine cold to prevent burns.

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