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Radiator Cleaner

General cooling system cleaning

Limpeza de Radiador.png

Packaging - 300 ml

Reference - OLSR

Ideal for use during coolant fluid change. Recommended for systems with extended coolant change intervals. Enhances thermal transfer. Cleans sludge, oxide residues, and all types of debris. Safe for all cooling systems and radiators. Compatible with all water-based coolants and antifreezes. Does not harm cooling system components. Acid-free.

1 - Heat the engine to normal operating temperature;

2 - Open the expansion tank with the engine hot (if you're not a professional, never open the expansion tank while hot);

3 - Shake well and apply the entire contents. Do not exceed the maximum level of the expansion tank;

4 - Start the engine and let it run for 20 to 30 minutes to allow the product to perform a thorough cleaning;

5 - Drain the entire cooling system and refill with the recommended new coolant for the vehicle.

(If the circuit is not completely clean, repeat the entire procedure)

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If you are not a professional, apply the product when the engine is cold.

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