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Fixação de linhas de eletricidade

Dieletric up to 32.000 V


Cleaning and protection of electrical and electronic systems


Packaging - 400 ml

Reference - OD32V

It eliminates failures and damages in electrical and electronic equipment caused by adverse environments such as floods, persistent humidity, saline atmospheres, etc. It produces a protective molecular film that penetrates into the pores and irregularities, repelling moisture. Due to the thin thickness of the formed film, it does not affect good electrical transmission.


Suitable for all electrical and electronic applications up to 69,000 V.

1 - Shake the product well;

2 - Steam generously and wait for it to evaporate before starting any electrical appliance.

In humid and salinity conditions, preventive maintenance should be carried out regularly.

(In specific cases, it is recommended to contact an OXYCEDET® technician)

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If you want to apply the product to electrical devices that have been submerged in water, you should eliminate all traces of water by using compressed air before applying the product.

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