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Additive for ADBlue® 

ADBlue® injector cleaning

AD Blue.png

Packaging - 250 ml

Reference - OADB

Product formulated to protect and clean dirty ADBlue® injectors, preventing loss of performance and/or engine breakdown. Continuous use is recommended to prevent deposits, crystal formation, and to keep the injectors clean.

Ideal for diesel vehicles that undergo short trips and do not reach the required temperature for SCR reaction, leading to crystal formation.

- Add 25 ml of product (maximum dispenser capacity) to 10L to 12L of ADBlue®.


For use in vehicles with ADBlue® system, add the necessary amount from the dispenser according to refilling with the ADBlue® additive itself.

(In specific cases, it is recommended to contact an OXYCEDET® technician).

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It should not be used in systems where ADBlue® injection is performed under pneumatic pressure.

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