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Antifriction Treatment with Ceramic

Wear Reducer

Tratamento Antifricção Cerâmico.png

Packaging - 150 ml

Reference - OTC

It is a latest generations product with ceramic nanoparticles. The combination of high temperature resistance and low friction coefficient of ceramic allows this product to provide protection across a wide range of temperatures. It prolongs the lifespan and prevents damage to any mechanism. It is especially recommended for engines with some wear to stabilize compression and reduce oil consumption.

150ml package, recommended for 5 liters of oil.

Before application, vigorously shake the contents of the container.

(In specific cases, it is recommended to increase the percentage of anti-friction treatment after contacting an OXYCEDET® technician).

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Not recommended for use in automatic gearboxes, wet clutches, or other mechanisms with oil-bathed discs.

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