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Multipurpose Deblocking with Antifriction

Desbloqueante Multiusos com antifricção.png

Packaging - 400 ml

Reference - ODMAF

"Miraculous product"

As our customers call it, the "miraculous" is a powerful rust remover, penetrating agent, and lubricant. It is a high-quality rust remover with superior properties of deoxidation, penetration, and lubrication. Once applied, the product allows for heating the mechanism to enhance penetration.

In addition to reducing wear, it loosens stuck screws, repels moisture, and leaves a protective lubricating film that is resistant to saltwater.

1 - Shake the product well;

2 - Remove any excess rust;

3 - Apply the rust remover and let it penetrate.

(In specific cases, it is recommended to contact an OXYCEDET® technician)

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Always shake well before using the product.

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