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Petrol Treatment

Petrol injection system protector

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Packaging - 150 ml

Reference - OTG

It is a state-of-the-art treatment with beneficial additives for gasoline. It contains detergents specially designed to excel in gasoline direct injection (GDI) systems, where previous-generation additives may not be effective. The friction modifiers provide protection to all components of the injection systems, with a notable impact on the combustion chamber, improving the lubrication of piston rings and cylinder walls. It helps eliminate water condensation and protects against corrosion. Through the synergistic action of all these additives, optimal cleaning, protection, and performance of the entire system are achieved, reducing fuel consumption, emissions (during inspections), and ensuring long-lasting engine durability.

- 150ml package for 40 liters of fuel (every thirty thousand kilometers).

(In specific cases, it is recommended to contact an OXYCEDET® technician)

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For severe dirt-related issues, it is recommended to double the dosage.

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