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Antifriction Treatment

"Core product"

Tratamento Antifricção.png

Packaging - 150 ml

Reference - OTAF

As we call it, the "core product". Inside every OXYCEDET® product is a part of this product.
It is a highly effective innovative product that greatly reduces effectively wear caused by friction between parts. Extends machinery life and prevents damage. Its advanced formula reduces consumption, noise and working temperature for optimal machine performance. It can be used with most lubricants without altering their properties.


- 150ml package, recommended for 5 liters of oil (equivalent to 3%);

- For 2 stroke oils, it is recommended to apply 10%;

- For gear systems, apply 5%;

- For hydraulic systems, apply 2%.

(In specific cases, it is recommended to increase the percentage of antifriction treatment after contacting an OXYCEDET® technician)

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For use in automatic gearboxes and wet clutches, you should consult an OXYCEDET® technician.

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